Contact us to begin using the power of the Intelligena AI Cloud today. Scalable , stable, reliable artificial intelligence that just works. Sternberg|Finkel provides Intelligena AI Cloud. AI resources are provisioned automatically allowing business users to do what they do best. Concentrate on their business. Intelligena AI cloud is both software as service and software with service.

A single Sternberg|Finkel data scientist will act as your contact point to identify and capture actionable data which is already available in your business but isn't being used. Based on your needs we can set up ongoing custom analysis using streaming data or provide one time conclusive reporting. Either way, we will tailor a solution to your needs which will make you, your department, and your business unit standout by maximizing your AI ROI . Harness your pre existing data to create strategic vision and tactical conclusion for your enterprise. Respond to your daily business challenges with certainty, using A.I. generated insights presented on your customized dashboard.

In production... Sign up now to participate in the beta test for FastBrain AI. in early 2021. FastBrain Financial AI platform optionally provides Sternberg|Finkel Day Ahead Data using advanced AI and machine learning to bridge the gap between Strategic planning and tactical response. You can easily monitor the risk exposures and receive data to serve as a basis for direct action and risk modelling. Simply build your watch list. Your watch list might be a ticker symbol, commodity, brand, political cause or potential event. Public available data sources are available out of the box. However, models can easily be built from privately available data sources internal to your business unit.

Machine learning tools work on the same principles as existing analytical techniques used in systematic investing. The key task is to identify signals from data on which predictions relating to price level or volatility can be made, over various time horizons, to generate higher and uncorrelated returns. Your business's historical data contains signals which may allow you to predict and mitigate anomalous results and reduce turbulence in your business environment.

Sternberg|Finkel Day Ahead Data is a no brainer for the financial adviser and the marketer, have the vision to be the thought leader who puts Artificial Intelligence to work in your domain. Contact Sternberg|Finkel today to get start sensing your business environment, a day ahead.

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Need a Data Scientist on the team?

The answers is yes. Every project can benefit from machine learning integration and augmentation. Thought leaders in every industry are recognizing the benefit of integrating machine learning at every level. Where there is data, there is a need for machine learning. A Sternberg|Finkel data scientist can identify opportunities in your process or application to augment ROI through application of proven data science methodology.

Sternberg|Finkel is focused on market segments which are rich in data and ripe for automation of complex analytic processes. We develop and apply modern scientific computing methods to meet the needs of business partners and clients. Sternberg|Finkel scales cutting edge tools used by academia to develop proprietary workflows and actionable knowledge.

Tailored Solutions

Machine learning middle teir development, in house or cloud based Machine Learning system architecture, full solution development, peployment and maintenance. A piece of the puzzle or the full picture. Sternberg|Finkel develops A.I.  to satisfy any requirement.